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Koyama Keiichiro throughout the years (2004-2012)

I missed you. 

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Tales of Fuck Your Perfect Perfection | Male

Tetsuya Ogawa

IT’S tetsuya DAY! お誕生日おめでとうございます、リーダー様!

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Because it’s not all the time that Changmin loses his appetite, and maybe they were running out of food, too.

Because it’s not all the time that Changmin loses his appetite, and maybe they were running out of food, too.

L.Joe's perfect color coordination?

  • Niel: L.Joe, you even color coordinate your earphones. What's up with that?
  • L.Joe: I really like color coordinating.
  • Niel: L.Joe and Changjo are the two who put the most effort into their airport fashion.
  • Jaesung: How do you do that?
  • L.Joe: If you just have the same color of something, wear it
  • Jaesung: But if you're head-to-toe dressed in green, then......
  • L.Joe: Ah, then I like to match my shirt and pants, with my shoes and cap as accents.
  • Jaesung: Why don't you just wear a jumpsuit? It already comes as one color, top and bottom.
  • L.Joe: I will if you buy it for me
  • - 120901 SSTP

Niel doesn't like L.Joe's aegyo?

  • Niel: Recently on an online community, there was a poll "When do you find your girlfriend to be the prettiest?" In first place was "When she makes eye contact with me and smiles." In second place, "When she initiates skinship." And in third place, "When she pushes back her long, straight hair." Of the choices, when does Niel fall for a girl?
  • L.Joe: I know!
  • Niel: No, no, I'm going to give you the choices. 1. When she wants to go Dutch. 2. When she can't just ignore and pass by an animal. 3. When she is eating and gets something on her lips. 4. When she talks with an extreme amount of aegyo.
  • L.Joe: Me, me, me!!
  • Changjo: Me!!!
  • Niel: No, no, I'm going to give you guys time to think about it.
  • L.Joe: But I know now
  • Niel: I'm still going to give you 30 seconds.
  • Jaesung: What do you think it is?
  • L.Joe: I think it's 2. Niel really likes animals, so I think it's 2.
  • Niel: Times up!!!! Okay, it's time to say your answer.
  • Jaesung, Changjo, L.Joe: Number 2!!!
  • Niel: Wrong!!!!! The correct answer is 4!
  • L.Joe: Don't lie! You don't like aegyo!
  • Niel: I like aegyo.
  • L.Joe: You don't like it when I do aegyo!
  • Niel: Of course not, it's you.
  • - 120901 SSTP

92 Teen Top Anecdotes


92 Teen Top Anecdotes

Real stories taken from fan accounts, interviews, radio shows, etc.

(1-57 are repeats from my old posts)

1. Niel stopped playing soccer because the sun was too hot and it was too tiresome.

2. When Niel was in elementary school, he was playing by himself when two older girls walked by him and whispered to each other “Hey that kid’s kind of attractive?” Niel thought that they were badmouthing him so he got together his friends and they threw rocks at the girls, yelling “GO AWAY!! I SAID GO AWAY”

3. Niel’s face is the size of a fist…but his lips are also the size of a fist

4. L.Joe’s first love was a Chinese girl named Angela. He showed a picture of her to Chunji but he responded with something along the lines of “She isn’t even that pretty”

5. C.A.P has a lot of pictures of Niel on his phone. When Niel found out, he became really scared of C.A.P.

6. Chunji performed “Love119” with C.A.P, but during the performance, his voice cracked. Watching this, the members covered their faces in embarrassment. Changjo covered his face and said, “I was always embarrassed of him.”

7. C.A.P’s fan asked him, “Do you miss me?” and C.A.P replied, “No.”

8. Niel has very light eyebrows and when he takes off his makeup, it looks like he doesn’t have any eyebrows at all.

9. Changjo always talks back to his hyungs, and L.Joe always accepts it, but when the cameras turn off, he becomes instantly different.

10. There was a lot of bad rumors surrounding Chunji: He was a gangster and player in high school, had many girlfriends, and took his girlfriends to karaoke.

11. When Ricky acts cutely to Changjo, he just looks at Ricky with a straight face.

12. Changjo only does aegyo when he’s told to. On a daily basis, he never does aegyo.

13. A fan asked C.A.P to sign her CD and he asked her, “Is this your name?” She nodded and he replied “That’s my mom’s name kekeke”

14. L.Joe once said that “A man’s hands must be soft and moist,” but the fans who shook his hands at fansigns said that he had clammy hands.

15. Niel once hit the back of L.Joe’s head and pretended he didn’t do anything, as a joke. L.Joe turned around and said “Dont’ do that” and Niel angrily yelled, “What did I do?!” L.Joe apologized, “I-I’m s-s-sorry”

16. Ricky unconsciously said “Niel’s lips are really thick.” Niel gave him a death glare and Ricky was really taken aback.

17. A fan told C.A.P that he “looked like an octopus.” C.A.P replied “Why’s that?” and they almost got into an argument.

18. A fan said to C.A.P, “I could melt from the way you look at me” and C.A.P coldly replied, “That’s greasy.”

19. Chunji’s head’s girth is 22 inches around.

20. A fan gave L.Joe a marshmallow and said “Ah~” but L.Joe denied and she got upset, so he said that he’d keep the marshmallow as a present. He held it throughout the entire fansign even though it was during the summer and it would’ve melted in his hand.

21. Chunji never said anything about his ideal type and he also said that there wasn’t a girl that he was interested in. But during Supa Luv, he said that he had a girlfriend in 7th grade that he really liked. His fans felt betrayed and they cried.

22. A fan sent a UFO to Changjo saying “I’m going crazy because I keep thinking of you all day.” He replied, “Thank you for thinking of me.” After this, many other fans sent the same message to him. However, for these messages he replied, “Stop.”

23. A fan sent a UFO to all of Teen Top saying “I love Teen Top,” but her username was “Emotional You Ahn Daniel” so L.Joe replied saying, “I’m sending this for Niel…thank you♥”

24. L.Joe was originally supposed to be coupled with Ricky, but he abandoned Ricky for Chunji. When this happened, Ricky couldn’t control his expression and it looked like he was about to cry.

25. A fan gave Chunji a lollipop but Chunji deadpanned and said “I don’t like candy.” He himself was surprised at the way he answered.

26. Chunji really enjoys skinship. He always has his arm around the other members’ shoulders or has his arm wrapped around their waists.

27. On a really cold winter’s day at a fanmeet, Niel said “The weather is getting warmer these days~” and the fans angrily responded, “Is this warm to you!? Is it?!!” Niel was very taken aback.

28. At a fansign, two fans bumped into each other. One of them cursed and Niel scolded her.

29. A fan said to C.A.P, “I heard that you didn’t get a part in Secret Garden? Are you sad?” C.A.P replied, “I think it was a good thing I didn’t get the part.”

30. Chunji wrote on the Me2Day, “It’s Chunji~” One fan replied, “So what” and another replied, “Get out”

31. Chunji made a lot of mistakes during “No More Perfume On You” promotions, especially during the remix stage. The first time, Angels said it was cute. The second and third times, they said “Get out. I’ll dance for you instead.”

32. Teen Top did an interview, but the question was in English. Because they did not understand English, their expressions were quite serious. However, maybe he understood the question, Chunji kept nodding his head while the interviewer was talking. Chunji would have answered if he really understood, but when the interviewer finished his question, Chunji stayed silent.

33. When Niel asks fans what part of him is the prettiest, they answer “lips and butt.”

34. The fan didn’t ask for a handshake, but Niel stuck his hand out first and the fan rejected his offer.

35. C.A.P is the type of person who can’t get up in the mornings. Because C.A.P wasn’t waking up, Niel kicked him awake.

36. A fan once commented, “Changjo has grown a lot these days,” and L.Joe replied, “So what? You still like me.”

37. After monitoring his performances, Chunji saw that he looked handsome when he licked his lips or winked, so during Crazy promos, he winked a lot.

38. When L.Joe showed Chunji his yearbook and pointed out Angela, Chunji said, “Er.. with your face, it’d be a waste if you went out with her. Your standards are low.”

39. When Changjo was in the middle of losing his cheek fat, Chunji would say “Changjo, eat this. And this.” Changjo would reply, “You eat it. You’re thinner than I am.” And Chunji would say, “No, you have to gain weight in order for me to shine (next to you)”

40. Chunji said he wanted to be friends with Taemin so Teen Top took him to where Taemin was and just left him there. Taemin tried to initiate conversation, but Chunji became so flustered that he did a 90 degree bow and said “Have a nice day!”

41. C.A.P has two older sisters and people say the middle sister is extremely pretty.

42. When Teen Top debuted, Niel’s father sent messages to every student at Niel’s school asking them to please look after Teen Top and watch their debut stage.

43. When David (Niel’s eldest brother) was running for school president, Niel went around campaigning for him…while jumping up and down the whole school.

44. Back when Chunji was going taking voice lessons at an academy, he saw a big cockroach in the studio and he screeched.

45. The vocal academy that Chunji used to attend was called “Power Vocals.”

46. Changjo likes melon flavored ice cream the best.

47. Once in high school, Chunji fell down the stairs because he was laughing too hard and lost his balance. 

48. One fan sent a UFO saying, “What are you going to do if Changhyun hit me?” and Chunji replied “I’m gonna join in”

49. When an Angel went to go see Teen Top, she bumped into another group’s fan by accident. This fan cursed at the Angel and Niel glared at her until she left.

50. There was a rumor during NMPOY promos that Chunji had a girlfriend because he wrote “girlfriend” on his brain map and didn’t mention Angels/fans.

51. Bosung attends many of Teen Top’s events.

52. L.Joe’s most memorable Valentine’s Day gift was one he received when he was a freshman in high school. Someone gave him a huge box filled to the brim with chocolates. 

53. Chunji accidentally spilled flour all over himself on his graduation day.

54. L.Joe’s “method” of battling racism at his school was to create an “Asian Gang” and fight with words (and using curse words wherever they could).

55. C.A.P used Calvin Klein cologne during NMPOY promos.

56. When Niel came home over the holidays, he asked Bosung to do an errand for him. Bosung said, “You don’t even come home often, why are you telling me what to do?”

57. When it comes to food, it’s quantity over quality for Niel.

58. Before L.Joe went to start his long jump event during Idol Athletics, he said that he was going to show everyone that even short people can jump far. But he ended up face-planting and embarrassing himself.

59. Niel started dating in 2nd grade. 

60. When a fan asked L.Joe which was his favorite girl group, he answered “Big Bang”

61. Ricky accidentally called a female fan “oppa” during a fansign. He felt really bad and kept apologizing to her.

62. When Chunji flashed his abs at a fanmeet, fans said that their attention went more to his underwear because the wrinkles on his underwear were more defined than his abs. 

63. Chunji has “lady abs”

64. When Niel was younger, there was a time he cried because the kids were harshly teasing him about his lips.

65. Ricky’s pants ripped twice on stage: the first time, his zipper broke and the second time, the seam on his inner thigh burst

66. During NMPOY promos, L.Joe said he put on cologne that day and Changjo went and sniffed him and said “It doesn’t smell good -_-” 

67. During a fansign, Changjo called a younger fan “noona,” thinking she was older, and before leaving, she said “Thank you, Changjo OPPA.”

68. During a fansign, an older fan said “Niel oppa~” and Niel replied “Why am I your oppa?”

69. During Niel’s birthday fanmeet, fans sang “Happy Birthday, Niel oppa~” and Chunji made an odd expression trying to hold back his laughter.

70. A fan sent a UFO message to Chunji telling him that she missed him. Changjo replied, “Chunji isn’t doing UFO replies right now??? Tell me you miss me!!”

71. During a fansign, a fan yelled “Hey, handsome!” and Chunji looked up.

72. As a joke, Ricky said to L.Joe “We don’t need you~” but L.Joe took it seriously and got extremely mad, yelling “Is that something you should be saying to me?!!!!!!” So Ricky replied, “What, you wanna fight?” And Chunji, seeing this, said in a low voice, “You wanna fight?” At this, Ricky quickly apologized, saying he was just kidding and didn’t mean it. 

73. The first time L.Joe ever made a mistake was during the remix stage for “Crazy”

74. Fans say that their favorite part about Chunji is his nostrils.

75. Niel’s favorite food is chicken. After every performance, he asks the staff if they can eat chicken pizza today and talks about it 24/7. He even made a poem about chicken and during fansigns, he would ask Angels to buy him marinated chicken.

76. When Angels saw spoiler photos before aRtisT came out, they thought C.A.P was going to the military because of his buzz cut.

77. Last year, students at Heungjin High School (Niel’s school) thought that they would be able to see Teen Top perform at their school festival but the principal said that they couldn’t get them to come because it cost 70,000,000 won to bring Teen Top.

78. During a multiple choice test, Niel chose the same letter for all the questions and then slept.

79. During his “Supa luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv” part, Chunji’s voice cracked four times and it became the #1 realtime search.

80. Chun (天) means sky and Ji (地) means Earth. When Niel asked Chunji why his name was “Chunji,” he replied, “Because I freely fly around in the sky above the ground” 

81. Chunji was acting frivolously, so C.A.P punched him 

82. On Niel’s birthday, right at midnight of August 16th, Teen Top tied him up with a rope and pinched and hit him.

83. L.Joe used to like having skinship with the other members while showering, but now he showers after everyone has gone to bed.

84. During Idol Star Olympics, Infinite’s Sungyeol didn’t want to go to the bathroom by himself so he took Niel.

85. When Sungyeol wore Changjo’s Supa Luv glasses, he kept shaking his head and saying “I can’t see anything!” 

86. Back when Teen Top lived in a one-room apartment, they were so loud that their neighbors came and complained.

87. There was also a ghost in that apartment, and every single night the members would get horrible nightmares.

88. Changjo fights with dolls and sometimes even loses.

89. Changjo likes to pour cola into his rice.

90. Teen Top didn’t have a goodbye stage for “Crazy” on Music Bank because it was the first day of school for them.

91. Ricky was born on a Monday; Chunji, L.Joe, and Niel were born on a Tuesday; C.A.P was born on a Wednesday; Changjo was born on a Thursday

92. To wake Chunji up, Niel sat on top of him and shook him, saying “There’s a fire!! A fire!!!!” Chunji looked up at Niel and said, “What the hell are you doing.” Niel didn’t say anything and just sat there. Then Chunji said, “If there’s a fire, put it out” and went back to sleep.; bosung
source; naver search

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SNSD: Seohyun
f(x): Amber, Victoria
Infinite: Dongwoo, Sungyeol, Sungjong, Hoya
B1A4: Sandeul, CNU
Miss A:
Block B: Zico

2PM: Wooyoung, Junsu
TVXQ: Yunho, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin, Jaejoong
SHINee: Onew
Sunny Hill: Kota
B2ST: Doojoon
2NE1: CL
4Minute: Sohyun
Ft Island: Minhwan, Wonbin 
Kara: Seungyeon
MBLAQ: Seungho
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Big Bang: Seungri, Daesung
Super Junior: Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung, Hangeng
Wonder Girls: 
EXO-K: Sehun, D.O
EXO-M: Chen, Xiumin, Tao
Hello Venus: 
Teen Top: Ricky
ZE:A: Dongjun, Hyungsik
Brown Eyed Girls: Jea
Tasty: -I can’t tell who’s who. The one who doesn’t look high (the one on the left of the viewer)- XD

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MC: Have you ever thought “What am I doing here?”, “Why do I need to go to China?”

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This is why Seungri is my bias in Big Bang. XD

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